Changing channels thru Roku TV app is VERY SLOW

Model. “3800X - Roku Streaming Stick”

The Roku Streaming Stick (3800) is not a very powerful device and from October 2017. Are you running it on your 5 GHz WiFi network?

Or maybe try a new Roku such as the Roku Ultra Model 4800, or Fire TV, or the new Chromecast with Google TV.

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The Roku is on the 5G network. The Roku otherwise works well with other apps. It also works fine with Tablo except for loading. How fast would loading be with a modern Roku? I’m getting used to the slow loading. I’ve decided that there is nothing that pressing on TV that I can’t wait 12 seconds. With the use of the grid, surfing is not necessary. Of course, if it went away, that would be even nicer.

I also have the 3800X, as well as several other Rokus. I’ve had mixed results with the 3800X but as of right now it is working great with no discernable slowdown in loading. What was key to the making it work well was ensuring it had an “Excellent” WiFi Signal Strength as reported in the Roku’s Network menu. I just flipped it over to a different WiFi network as a test with only a “Fair” WiFi Signal Strength and my loading times skyrocketed.

I just attempted to watch a 3rd channel while my 2 tuner Tablo was recording two other channels. It took 10 seconds on the ipad and 12 seconds on the Roku to give me the message that “All tuners are in use for recordings.” This makes me think there’s a lot of inefficiency as nothing was being transcoded to that 3rd channel, yet it was so slow in telling me that.

You’re probably right. The OG 2 tuner actually has an internal 1x4 splitter but only enough processing power to transcode 2 streams. So maybe it “tuned” the channel since it does split the signals 4 ways and then failed when it tried to use the CPU to transcode the 3rd stream on your “2 tuner”. Who knows. The network connected DVRs primary purpose isn’t to watch live TV and channel surf. If that is your need, then get a Tablo DUAL HDMI where the video is not transcoded and you’ll get instantaneous channel changing.

I just did this same test on my “remote” hard wired Roku Premiere+ Model 4630 and it took a little less than 10 seconds to give me the error message. So seems consistent, and this is through a VPN on a remotely located Tablo.

Thanks, Maybe next time. I’ll hold on to this $89 refurb. It’s good enough, I don’t think you can return refurbs, and not worth the effort. Maybe someday this will all be straightened out. Hopefully Tablo will read this, but I think they are already aware.

This is just rampant speculation on my part, as the current firmware runs on the original devices the same as the current generation - the primary programing running the devices has changed little since it’s introduction.

Following Nuvyyo’s history with tablo, it was a DVR first for streaming recorded content… and you could watch live TV …if you wanted.

As OTA recording had a rather small market, at the time users probably had antennas on their TVs. As markets changed, watching live TV via tablos became more important - and, well the way tablo functions, it works with limitations.

Weather they could completely overhaul their system to make improvements, if even possible, or continue on with what they’ve got which works reasonably well for many.

It’s a blessing… and a curse. Tablo works with a variety of devices. Some are really great, most are great, all are at least ok. You’re not stuck with just one way to use your tablo… but Nuvyyo has to work within the limitation of each to do what they need to get things to work - with the device as it functions.

This one works best with AppleTv, one for Roku and yet another makes use of all functions for FireTV isn’t practical.

Best option, home built PC DVR… but anymore, tablo does the job.

Having built home DVRs, unless you’re direct streaming raw ATSC, there’s going to be a delay, both for tuning and requisite transcoding. Just they way it is.

True, I was referring to a dedicated DVR, while still having TVs with an antenna connected.

As for an all encompassing home media center, yes you have to work withing it’s constraints.

Even my TV take ~3 seconds to tune and process channel changes :neutral_face:

Tablo, their Dual HDMI is slow too.

Same. It takes 12 seconds to load a show for viewing on an otherwise zippy Roku stick but only 5 seconds on my Apple devices.

I have an awesome Sharp Quattron TV that also takes several seconds to change channels. Kind of annoying when you want to quickly go from Channel 2 to Channel 26 by just using the up arrow. But my over 10 year old Vizio TV changes in an instant. As fast as you can click.

When this came back to life I switch inputs to TV and recalled doing this… unscientifically at least a 2 or so count, round up to 3 to be fair. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s from sub-channel to another on the same frequency or another channel number altogether. It’s about the same. So it doesn’t seem to be so much the tuner as it is processing the signal I figure.

Same for a real on 32" Samsung or an +6yr 60" LG. There’s probably a lot of variables at play here, quality and refresh rate and platform as well as processor.

How does that explain it be so much faster on the iPhone and iPad?

It takes me about four seconds on my iPhone and iPad and about 10 to 12 seconds on the Roku device

We have a Roku 3810X operating on 5G. The Roku operates fine but channel changing and tile images are painfully slow to download as well. We have two Roku’s and they are both slow. We also have two Chromecast with Google TV’s and our Android phones which are probably 5-8 seconds faster. My feeling is this is the Roku OS. I also noticed something that may support this when comparing all of our different streaming devices. If we are watching a streaming service, when scrolling through the guide on a service, the Roku is much slower than all of our other devices. As a side note, all of the devices are similar age. The Android’s are actually older by about a year and a half. I just received the Roku 10.5 system update yesterday and I’ll have to see if that improves anything. My understanding was device speed was supposed to be improved. So far it feels about the same, but time will tell.

It takes 11 seconds on the television and five seconds on the iPad or iPhone for a channel to run. No improvement when I updated my Roku device from a 2017–2021 4K streaming stick. No difference between hardwiring and Wi-Fi. Screen mirroring from the iPad is faster than using the Tablo app. I think there’s something about the RokuTablo interface that slows things down. Is this what others are experiencing?

Somewhere in the various posts referenced in this thread might be a description of the delay for live HLS video startup. Each video player determines how much video data needs to be fetched before starting playback so that buffer underflow doesn’t occur.

And since tablo uses the video player provided by the various devices, Roku dertermines how much data needs to be fetched.