Changing channel speeds

We used to use one of the old school tablo network tuners which worked fine but the lack of 5.1 surround and 12-15 sec channel changing speeds was not a very popular one in the house. The past few years we have been using Tablo Engine which took care of both issues but has been buggy …Beta of the new version has taken care of most of the issues but the location of our tv is having signal issues w/ engine so looking at other options. thought about trying the network tuners again but wanted to see if the channel changing speed issue has improved at all in the last couple of years? i am pretty sure 5.1 is available now so just that channel speed would be the last thing

Correct, 5.1 is now supported…

Channel switch speed has been improved a bit but will always be slower then MPEG-2 solutions.

do you have an approximate how long it takes between changing channels now w/ the improvements?

so something like a HDHomerun Scribe network tuner might still be quite a bit quicker for that ya think?

For me, using a Shield TV, it’s usually 6-8 seconds. If you are flipping back and forth between two channels it’s near instantaneous.