Change skip forward/reverse increment

Is there a way to change the tablotv skip forward and reverse increment? I use the web app and forward is 30sec and reverse is 20sec. i would prefer 10 forward and 10 reverse?

There isn’t a way to change any of the increments for the Tablo. And it is different for different platforms, since the developers try to use native apps as much as possible.

Time to break out this old gem:


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Sort of, for using a browser like Edge or Safari that is true but if using their app or their remote on the HDMI you can move either 10 seconds or 20 second depending or what you do. It took me a while to find this undocumented secret. On the HDMI, using the FF and REW buttons it does 20 seconds increments but using left and right button it moves only 10 seconds. Again, the is not in any current documentation. Similarly, with the app you move 10 seconds or 20 seconds as well depending on your actions.

Yes, it is different but the app uses the increment, at least on devices I have tried. Their works differently is about have a dozen ways including incrementing.