Chanaging credit cards

How do I change credit cards for the EPG?  Also I want to go on and change from the month to month plan to Lifetime.  I saw where I log into my account, but didn’t see where to change credit cards. 

Never mind - found it.  Change card on file first then buy.  I’ve upgraded to the LIFETIME because @TabloTV is the best.

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Thanks @beastman

OK, I must be dense. I subscribed to the annual commercial skipping. I had to change my credit card information and cannot find where to do this! Of course they haven’t billed yet because it’s in beta. If they try and bill the current card it will reject, I’ve spent 45 minutes searching for this. I tried canceling it and resubscribe but it uses a bad card. This is frustrating. Anyone?

The option: image from My Account menu didn’t work? I didn’t follow through, but I at least got a form to fill out.

Thanks! I tried it again and saw that I had to scroll to see the menu options. I’m using a phone to do this and tried a different browser and that’s when I saw that I had to scroll. Your reply pointed me in the correct direction!

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