CBS Sunday Night at the Movies

May movie schedule included in the link. Hope Tablo’s guide provider picks it up.

Talk about worthless programming, old movies… like we can’t get those most anywhere. But just to confirm, the Tablo schedule is picking this up.

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You’re possibly making one or more assumptions.

  1. Everyone already owns it somehow (talking legally).
  2. Everyone has access to one or more Internet streaming services (legal if subscription is active).
  3. Everyone pirates copyrighted material out the wazoo (not legal).

I’ve never seen Forest Gump (1994), so I think I’ll finally take the opportunity. I just hope there are not a lot of edits for time etc.

Yep, that’s another thing. They cut the crap out of these network broadcast movies to fit in more and more commercials. Of course, with the Tablo, we can skip over them, but it still impacts the movie.

In reference to cj, yes, I do watch such things legally, but if you don’t have a service, I suppose it’s something. Still, these movies are so old, if you didn’t watch them before now, you probably weren’t that interested in them. To each his own though.

One more assumption:

  1. People stopped being born several years ago.

I’m always amazed at what movies people haven’t seen. Of course, at one time it was movies from the 70’s. But now, the 80’s. And soon, the 90’s… because those are really really really old movies.

If you are fortunate enough to have MOVIES! they do not edit. But most of the movies are old.

PlutoTV has movies too. They are owned by ViacomCBS now, if you didn’t know.