CBS Buffers! Please Help!

I am new to Tablo and I think I love it. It seems I am having trouble with CBS. It buffers terribly when none of the other stations do, or the ones I have tested at any rate. Has any one else had this issue and solved it?

What is your zip code? What are the station letters of your cbs station? What antenna are you using? How does it look when connected directly to the TV? If it is a weak station you might lose it because of the 4 way splitter inside Tablo. If the station broadcast on VHF channel and antenna not designed for vhf, that could explain it. I suggest Winegard FL5500A antenna. See

73162 Station 9.1 The antenna is an Amazon 1 by one. The single is strong.

Look at How does 62.1 and 48.1 come in? The reason I ask is they are in the same direction as 9.1.

I cannot get CBS either. I live between Austin and San Antonio and cannot get either CBS station. I get all the other from both cities. KENS and KEYE. I suspect they blocking it somehow. I have another TV in our guest house that is hooked directly into the antennae and CBS comes in fine on that one. I did notice on ROKU that CBS now has a channel to pay for live content.

I live in Austin by Rundburg and North Lamar. I receive KEYE excellent watching live with Tablo. I just checked using my Android phone

I swe KENS rf cHanne is 39. Where do you live? Dripping Springs?

Disclaimer: I have beta of everything so the released might have problems.

I think I will try a different antennae. I don’t get either channel nor does it even show up on my guide. Thanks

So you don’t think this could be a hard drive issue. I see that the Seagate Backup Plus drives have caused issues

I use the Winegard FL5500A which s designed for VHF and UHF. KTBC is on RF 7, 62 is on VHF 13.

Position makes a dference. I put it in the bedroom because that was the only place I got all the channels. I also get 17.5 and 17.6. RTVE and RTVN.

Does CBS buffer on every show, i.e. all the time or only part of the time? I wonder if you might have something that interferes with the signal on occasion.

Since @thebooms said CBS works in the bedroom, I suggest connecting the Tablo in the bedroom without moving the antenna.

What antenna do you have at your guest house? All antennas are not equal. Position also makes a difference.