Captioning on the Windows App

Just to clarify, are you asking about the Windows 10 app, or the web-based app at

The windows 10 app. I find it preforms much better than the web app. A lot of times when I click on ‘live tv’ for the web app in chrome, the TV listings will show briefly and then vanish. No idea why.

@weblamer We are working on getting CC added to that app! Stay tuned.

As for the web-based app, are you using Chrome or Safari? If not, try using one of those browsers.

As I mentioned, i am using chrome.

I do have an ad-blocker, could that be doing it?

Sorry - need more coffee this a.m.!

Ad blocker shouldn’t affect it, but it may be worth trying it in an incognito window to see if it makes a difference.