Caption Gibberish

So far, I’m enjoying my 4-tuner Tablo, but I have one very annoying problem that I cannot seem to resolve and I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem and/or has a solution. While the captions display properly for all but two channels (I’m receiving 20 channels), the two in question, Ch 4-1 (CBS) and Ch 9-1 (NBC) in Denver, the captions are displayed as gibberish and is unreadable. Even the secondary channels for each of these two stations are displaying the captions properly.

I’ve rebooted my device and reinstalled the apps on the destination device to no avail. I’ve also repositioned the antenna (a Clearstream 2V) and all my channels are showing maximum signal strength on the Tablo when searching/syncing for channels. And still these two digital HD channels display gibberish captions. It is frustrating as these are probably the two most watched TV stations in my household.

 This problem appears regardless of whether I’m watching it on my iPad app or via the Roku app (would love to see captions within the browser for when using Tablo on the computer (note to tablo team - please); this suggests that the problem is not resident within the app itself or on the destination device. In fact, captions in other apps/programs work just fine.

Any help or suggestions on how to solve for this issue would be greatly appreciated.

@digineer - Closed captioning is still in beta but we’re looking for feedback like this to help make it better. 

I’d suggest placing a ticket with @TabloSupport and if possible include some picture examples of what you’re seeing.

same problem here all open a ticket with support and sending some pictures as well

put in a ticket with support yesterday got a message from them today saying that the problem is solved haven’t had a chance to check it yet but will repost as soon as I check!!

I will have to check and repost as well. Thanks.

OK, I checked all my channels this morning - The gibberish caption problem is still present on 4-1, 9-1 and 20-1, though for a brief moment the captions on 20-1 were legible for one session, while I was switching between channels checking the captions.

@digineer - Thanks for the feedback. Do you have a ticket in w/ @TabloSupport on this? 


I too have noticed this issue with my 4-tuner Tablo. Sometimes I can see “CBS” placed in every other word while other times is is complete chaos.

Thanks for the input and the details on this, all. We’re working with our engineers to improve the closed captioning feature ASAP.

I’m glad to hear that your engineers are on the task; those of us who rely on captions appreciate the attention you are giving to this matter. And though you are still in beta with the caption process, it would be greatly appreciated if you can set-up and turn on the caption feature within the Adobe flash player you use to playback our Tablo live or recorded media on our mac (or pc). 

I already view captions through the Adobe flash player on the major broadcast network’s websites and cable channels like CNN, the Food Network, et al. I especially appreciate the ease of use that the Food Network has implemented with their caption playback on flash. So I know it can be done and once you implement this web feature and fix the caption gibberish problem on your apps, you will have created the ultimate cable/satellite cutter’s dream device!!  Take it from this 30+ year broadcast/cable veteran. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Having the same issue with a Tablo-Quad + Roku 3

Recordings of NBC (5.1) here in Chicago have long stretches of gibberish, then sensible stuff. Interestingly on commercials when there are CC it is perfect.

I could possibly upload a few excerpts? I noticed the recording is broken into many small files on the hard drive with each file being about 10-12 seconds.


I have the close caption gibberish on what seems like just random shows and times. In fact, I setup “The Cuban Missile Crisis” to record all shows, not realizing PBS was just re-broadcasting the same show. When I tried watching the show that recorded Sept. 3rd, it had messed up closed captions. I found that the show recorded on Sept. 4th played back with perfect captions.

Don’t know if this sheds any light but I’m glad to hear support is aware of the issue.


same problem here. 4 Tuner Tablo.  Roku 3.  All updates.

I notice it on the Roku when using  FF/REW  (or the skip back/forward) functions … then it sorta goes away.

posted elsewhere: copying it here:

Still seeing gibberish captions on CBS, NBC and MyTV. I would have thought with the last update to tablo software, the problem would have been resolved by now. What is the status getting this problem solved once and for all? I have lots of recorded programs that I cannot watch until this problem is fixed.