Can't switch channels on new tablo 64 gb

Hi, i just got a tablo 64 gb, installed via wifi( tp-link 7 archer router) with app on ipad ,iphone 7+,apple tv 4.
if I tune a channel, i can’t switch for another one and got player error…poor reception. Tried reboot, factory reset, deleting and reinstalling app, same thing.Sometimes i can switch if press recording first but returning to the previous channel i get the same message. What could be wrong?

Maybe you have poor reception? What kind of antenna are you using? How far are you from the broadcast towers?

Check out:

it’s not the reception. i got 25 channels with 8 bay channel master who plays fine on tv. if i chose first a “poor channel” tablo plays it but i cant switch to a second one, i’m stuck with it. to tune another one sometime is working if i press recording first…

but no recording do to message "poor reception "

If you got such a huge antenna and are close to the broadcast towers, you could be over driving the tuners in the Tablo. Drop an attenuator or splitter before the Tablo.

If you’re still seeing this behaviour, definitely send us a note and we can take a look.