Can't see channel guide or view recordings

I have two PCs. Tablo works great on the one that is hard wired to my router. Tablo does not work so good on the one that is connected to the router using wifi. I do not have a subscription. I can schedule a recording using the manual recording in the “scheduled” selection in the web app. I can watch that recording on the hard wired PC. On the wifi PC, the live TV guide is a black screen. On the wifi PC, when I select “recordings”, then click on the recorded show icon I get only two links. One is “delete”, the other is “Options”. There is no link to watch the recording. I am using a WD elements 1TB hard drive. The recording is there, but I cannot watch it. I have tried using the blue reset button. And I have tried removing power. No luck. Any suggestions.

Delete the Tablo unit from the, then restart the Chrome browser. Then connect to it again for a fresh sync.

Also try connecting to the Tablo on a smartphone or tablet and see what you see.

I can disconnect from the Tablo using, but I cannot “delete” the unit. At least I cannot see how. I can watch the recording and see the guide on another PC, on my firestick, and on my smart TV. I just can’t see anything on the other PC (the one with the dolby 5.1 sound). Disconnecting and reconnecting does not work. I will try to hard wire this PC to my router and see what happens. I just don’t have a cat5 cable long enough right now.

Follow the steps in the link from zippy. You click on the X button after you disconnect. That lets you delete the Tablo.

OK, that worked. Thank You!

it’s the little x on the far right.