Can't scroll down on chromebook live TV

On our chromebooks, we cannot use live TV, since the scrolling bar on left is Javascripted out of existence. Space bar, dragging, down arrow, all do nothing. Tried shift space bar, ctrl down arrow.

This needs to be fixed asap. In meantime, is there a trick?

Try scrolling down on the first column of the program listings. The channel numbers should scroll along with the programs. When you get to the channel you want, mouse over to the channel number and click.

No this didn’t work. Still locked into the first four channels.

Fortunately, I got control over wife’s chromebook for two hours last night. As a typical male, I searched, poked, and banged on it trying random things. After about a few thousand experiments, and some time, I landed a solution. First do the hover thing, then click the hidden left mouse track pad, hold it, then push the down arrow on keyboard. Then, only then, will the live epg scroll down.

Same applies for going forward in time, to future hour schedule.

Personally, I hate dumbed down software and devices : everything is actually harder, not easier. But what do you expect if features are removed or hidden for simplicity and a clean look? In this case, chromebook hid a track wheel function, and the template maker hated the look of scrollbars-which help with reading pacing, as well as scrolling.