Can't run channel

Ok. so I found someone around the corner from me who will get the antenna hopefully hooked on to the directv satellite plate. so I reboot the box a couple times and now it’s saying can’t run channel. i have the DVR 2 tuner. I even reboot the router and that still comes up. any solutions. I unplugged. is it better of to see about tech support to let me get a newer box. this one is I think 8 yrs old. curious, I am running through roku.

ok, update is this. I factory reset roku. gave it a few minutes. Now the screen from original says no channel found on a scan that I have done a few times. A guy is coming out to hopefully and this should solve the problem re do the antenna on the roof. we’re going to try with the satellite plate where the antenna would fit on the other piece and he said he could do a decent job. I am not worried about decent job although I think I know what he is going to do. He is well familiar with tablo. let him do his thing and this should solve the problem and get even more channels.