Cant retune Dual HDMI Tablo (resolved)

I haven’t tuned my Dual HDMI Tablo sense I got it about 5 months ago.
Now the trees are getting their leaves back and I need to return the Tablo.
For some reason I can explain it will not let me retune it. It doesn’t give me the option. Could it be because it is recording at the time I’m trying to tune it to the new channel line up? Do I have to do the retune when its not recording anything ? Seems to me with two tuners built it it should let me.

If it let you tune it would it let you save it?

So when you to go the settings screen you don’t see the section called CHANNEL LINEUP?

Or you’re able to get there but not able to select a rescan? Or not able to save the scan?

It won’t let me select it while in the settings if it is recording. It makes sense to me now. It was recording two programs at the time I was trying. Please delete this question.
Thank You

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