Can't register the Tablo

I’m really close to giving up on this thing. It works fine but it won’t let me register it. It tells me “Tablo not found” when I try to register it and pay for the guide.

I can’t seem to get Tablo support to respond for the last couple of days. I sent them the screenshots they asked for of the MAC address and then silence.

I don’t know why they aren’t responding. You’d think it would be worth their while to do so.

Hi there! Sorry you’re having trouble getting your device registered.

I did see that you sent a few additional emails before the team could respond and unfortunately this will push you to the back of the queue.

I’ve let the team know this has happened to you and asked them to bump you back up to the top.

It does sound like a very odd situation.

In order to speed things up, can you go to > Settings > General > Tablo Name >

In that field, can you put: AAABBBCCC

You can change it to something else later, but it might help us find your Tablo in the system and get the registration issue sorted out.

Will do when I get home later today. Thank you for responding. I don’t know why it’s refusing to be found. It is otherwise functioning fine.

It’s a head-scratcher for sure but we’ll get it figured out!

I’ve changed the name of it. I also have it in remote mode as well.

Awesome! That’s super helpful.

The team will get back to you soon.