Can't reboot Tablo. Lost connection

I’ve already submitted a ticket, but I’ll post here as well in case anyone has any suggestions.

I’ve been trying to connect to Tablo (4 tuner) via PC and iPhone. Neither can find my trusty Tablo. I went to reboot the Tablo by pressing the blue button on the back quickly, but it didn’t restart. Normally the front light would start flashing as it was rebooting, but not this time. And not the three times after that. It stayed solid blue. So I unplugged the unit and left it off for about 60 seconds. Then after plugging it back in the light on the front was still solid blue. The at startup the yellow and green ethernet lights blink, then after a short time only the green one blinks.

I still have no Tablo service. I can’t restart it. Any suggestions?

I would try a longer powerdown, say, about 5 minutes. And time it with a watch to make sure. Also, is your Tablo abnormally hot? If it is, maybe try a half hour cooldown before plugging it back in. Another possibility is to unplug the external hard drive before powering the Tablo up again and see if that makes a difference. Just a few things to try until Tablo Support gets back to you.

Thanks for the suggestions. The Tablo runs warm, but I don’t feel it’s abnormally hot. Same warmth you expect to see with switches and routers. I left the Tablo unplugged for about an hour while we had dinner tonight. I plugged it back in with the same problem. Earlier in the afternoon I did try what you suggested. I unplugged the HDD and even the ethernet cable (which I also changed by the way), then I plugged the Tablo back in. Same solid blue light.

At this point I might be tempted to do a factory restore, but from your description, I’m not sure that would work either. It’s possible at this point you have a hardware issue, so I think your best bet is the Tablo support folks. Sorry about that.

For those following along, Tablo support instructed me to unplug the unit, hold the blue reset button, then plug the unit back in while holding down the reset button until the blue light started to blink. Didn’t work. I held down the button for four solid minutes.

FWIW, this exact process fixed this exact problem for me. YMMV.

I think that pretty much confirms it’s most likely a hardware issue… their instructions to you would be how you would restore most routers to factory default conditions, so I’m guessing the Tablo works in a similar manner from that perspective. If something had gotten screwed up, that likely should have corrected it.