Cant play specific channel live tv on any device, record works

just got a refurbished dual and think i have it set up properly (zip 52601). it went through a initial firmware upgrade (08/25/22- rel. 2.2.40) and all was well. I was able to play live on all channels and started to build up a few auto recordings. a bit later in the day i noticed that on channel 6-1 would no longer play live but spin with black screen. The channel info title bar would display on the live play screen display for 5 seconds at about every 30 sec. but otherwise hang up/spin. the strange thing is that same transmitter on station 6-2 through 6-5 works fine. I can still record and playback this 6-1 channel on demand or scheduled without a problem. I attempted a re-scan and no change. This occurs on my 2 viewing devices of a Win 10 app instance and also on a older model Roku running tablo app.