Can't get into my Dad's Tablo

I started a thread last month about my dad having to change his router password and he couldn’t get into his tablo. He couldn’t get it to reconnect before he went away to visit family for a month. I stopped over at his place after work tonight and with the help of support I was able to add via wifi, find his router, enter the new password and get it to connect. Well not really the app on his phone finally got in. Said it was connecting but ultimately we got A CONNECTION TO YOUR TABLO COULD NOT BE EATABLISHED.

And since it looked like we had gotten in, we disconnected with support and this was a few minutes after 530 eastern so now we wait until Monday. Anyone else encounter this error, any suggestions in the meantime?

Try rebooting the Tablo by briefly pressing the reset button on the back of the unit.

We’ve rebooted a ton. Its. Or responding to the blue button anymore, just continues to flash. Have to unplug it.

If it is flashing then it didn’t get an internet address mate.

We’re in an endless loop of connect via wifi, a connection to your tablo could not be established. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The slow flashing means the Tablo cannot get an IP from the router. Can you try connecting it via an Ethernet cable to the router? Just for troubleshooting - not as a permanent solution.

Hi, I have a Tablo 4 tuner, but it’s always been hardwired to my network, so I don’t have any direct experience with configuring a Tablo to work via wifi, let alone changing the password after it’s connected. However, I’ve had a similar sort of issue other wifi connected devices like Chromecast Audios and changing wifi settings so maybe I can be of assistance.

First, I hunted down your original post from the end of May. Based on that, your Dad is using an Apple TV and a phone (iPhone?) to access the Tablo, correct? Have you followed the directions in the guides that TabloSupport linked to in that thread, especially this one?

In particular, can you connect a phone or other device to the Tablo’s own wifi signal, which it should be sending out if it can’t access a network?

Also, I see theuser86 has asked the question I was going to next. Can you connect via Ethernet rather than wifi temporarily, and does that resolve the issue? If so, can you then go through the link above about resetting the network password? (Perhaps something in the wifi settings have become “stuck” and switching to wired and switching back to wifi will allow them to be reset.)

All the wifi devices that have the Tablo app in the house want to automatically connect to Tablo’s dead wifi network. When Ethernet was tried it still had eyes only for wifi. As I’ve never hard wired my 4 tuner at home I don’t know if I was supposed to do anything different to make it recognize and go Ethernet instead of wifi