Can't get connected again after removing Ethernet cord and trying wifi

Any help will be appreciated. I was getting poor reception in the room with my router and ethernet cord. So i temoved and tried to switch to wifi and can’t get anything to connect again. I disconnected and unplugged and hit the reset button countless times. Just keeps flashing and can’t connect. Please help someone. Thanks

The Tablo doesn’t just automatically connect to your WiFi. You have to set it up using a device such as a computer or iPad by connecting said device to the wireless network the Tablo is broadcasting, it is called “Tablo_XXXX”.

Go to the link below and watch the video on how to setup your Tablo on WiFi.

Take a read of the material here:

Last link I promise, but very helpful how to do what you want:

Thanks so much for the help

Were you successful in switching to WiFi?

Yes I was but for some reason it took forever it finding the wifi. I just wasn’t waiting long enough when i was unsuccessful.

@Tstevens Glad to hear you got up and running! Thanks a ton for helping out @theuser86!

Yup, that’s what I do.
One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, dammit, it’s not working! :wink:

I had this problem too with a new unit I just installed. After moving the Tablo directly to the router and rebooting the “guide” loaded very slowly. I disabled McAfee and its working faster, but I Can Not get any “recorded” show to appear when I click on the recordings link. I’m new…any advice.? All I have is a PC and the Tablo, all on CAT5. Maybe the Seagate 3TB USB is not compatible.

Your problem sounds different than the one described in this thread. Can you watch Live TV from the guide?

Yes, I can watch current shows.
My New Seagate 3TB is 3.0 and 2.0 compatible. It’s Activity light flashes when it is supposed to be recording.

  1. Did you have an old HDD you were using?
  2. Did you factory reset your Tablo when you upgraded to your new HDD?

The HD is a new Seagate Expansion Desk 9401, 3TB. I started them both new together. It is recording, I just can’t see where the recorded shows are on the Guide screen. maybe that is a limited feature until I set up an account subscription with Tablo?

You’re supposed to have a free month of subscription. Does your Tablo under settings tell you that you don’t have a subscription?

It says Trial ends Nov 12, 2016. HDD went from 2.94 to 2.93 available GB so it is recording.

@SteveBogs Which app are you using - can you confirm that you’re navigating to the Recordings section of the Tablo app, and that it’s empty? Feel free to send the details to our support team if you want to work with us directly.