Can't get channels

I have 52 channels so I decided to rescan to see if I could get anymore channels and it says now 10 channels and when I go to the channels there is only 10 channels with lines running through them. I tried to go to rescan and there is only a blue screen with a circle going around and it won’t go to scan

You can rescan without re-adding the channels. If you re-add the channels and there are a number of channels added and/or removed I don’t think you can rescan before the guide update is complete.

And adding/removing channels usually seems to involve a double guide update.

If you scan and don’t want the results just backout of the menu.

The rescan page won’t come up so I can rescan. There is only a blue circle that keeps going around.

Hi Margaret,

Have you tried removing the network cable and power cord for a minute to reset it?


I tried to remove the network cable and it won’t come out and I am afraid to pull to hard afraid I will break it.

I used the Tablo app on my ipad to scan the channels and it brought up all my channels on my tv and I was able to go to scan page on my tv. Thanks for the help.


Glad to hear that worked.