Can't get channels to sync properly

I’ve read the discussions.Google Chrome. Removed all schedules and cleaned the 2T HD. Nothing on it, no recorded programs. removed tablo, put it back on. cycled power to router, roku, and Tablo. Reacquired channels. All in many different orders. Tablo connects etc and syncs in less than a second, but no channel information is brought in. Can someone give me a step by step way to get the channel guide with thumbnails to appear, or a help with diagnostics. I can select the channel by the channel number only, but I don’t know the programming that I am selecting until the show starts.

@meddaugh5845 - If you’re seeing nothing in the guide it may be that there is no guide data associated to your zip code. We find this happens sometimes in new developments. In the meantime you can try using a neighboring zip code during setup, but please let @TabloSupport know your zip code so we can get the correct info populated for it. 

@meddaugh5845 I think @TabloTV has this pegged correctly. It sounds like your zip/postal code is missing guide data. Can you send over your Tablo’s MAC address (it’s on the bottom of your Tablo) to me in a ticket?