Can't forward to more than 1 port

Hello, I just recently purchased a Tablo and love it.

However, I am trying to setup Tablo Connect and need to forward 2 ports:

Public port 21011 to private port 8887
Public port 21010 to private port 80

Within my AT&T 3801HGV router, I am able to setup a user-defined application “Tablo TV - 80” and Tablo TV - 8887" to forward each respective port to Tablo TV.

I am able to forward each port by itself (green checkmark on the iPad “port mapping test page” for the port forwarded), however I am NOT able to forward both ports at the same time (red checkmarks for both ports).

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks so much.

While not familiar with that router, that looks like it should work. Are you following the instructions below? It looks like there is an additional step of allowing it through the firewall. Also make sure you set the Tablo to have a reserved IP in the DHCP setup. If the IP changes your port forwarding will stop working.

If you still cannot get it working, post some screen shots of your settings. Maybe someone will be able to spot the issue.