Can't Find Supergirl

Does anyone see Supergirl as a show to record on Tablo? It’s going to premier on the 26th but I can’t find it when I search Tablo.

TV Shows, search there

Exactly where I was searching. I searched by channel as well. I’ve updated the guide, It won’t show up.

Strange. I found it under Prime Time, TV Shows, and Premiering TV Shows.

It’s on my guide, has been for quite awhile.


Argh, I’ve literally been checking this entire week, updating the guide daily to see if it will show up. Not sure how to fix.

I would reboot if you haven’t lately. Also make sure that CBS is on of your channels that you can get.

Ticket time.


What channel is it airing on? And do you get said channel?

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It’s on CBS, I know I get it because I record Colbert on CBS.

Under Guide Status on Settings, is is showing that you updated the guide very recently?

I’m updating again right now, before I hit update it said 15 hours ago.

Checked my schedule and it was goofed up. Showed the pilot coming on Oct 31 at 8 pm, not the 26th. Clicked on record button for the 31st, and after a few seconds the showing for the 26th pops up, along with 2 on the 31st. More to check, but the schedule is definitely acting funny.


The 31st was a repeat showing, so it’s right. Why the 26th was not showing until I click to record on the 31st is the big question in my mind.


Interesting, I’ll put a ticket in

Curious - Did you do the latest update on tablo yet? I did this morning, so my problems might be temporary as it sometimes takes awhile for tablo to “settle down” after firmware updates.


I have not, I haven’t received a prompt yet to update. Would be happy to update to 2.2.6 to see if that fixes it. Maybe I should hold off until the update.

in a chrome browser that has access to the tablo try doing a shift +f5 that is how i got notified of the update for the firmware.

I’ll check tonight