Can't find Frontline

Any idea why Frontline does not appear in the menu? Do broadcasters have the ability to prevent a show from being searchable?

Frontline shows up in my schedule. Maybe check your local PBS web site see if they have an issue. Other then that log a Tablo support case give them your zip code and ask for them to check the with the Schedule provider.

I can confirm it shows in my schedule as well.

No, they don’t.

Are you perhaps searching in a filtered screen? Make sure you’re in TV Shows and give it another whirl.

It’s there. But no one knows what channel or tablo device you are using.

Gracenotes doesn’t block by show. Shows are related to channels. So if any PBS shows appear then it also should.

If the app cache is corrupt or the subscription is not valid then things will disappear.

“No matches found.” Alphabetically my guide goes from Friends to Full Court Press. If it has to do with my local PBS station forgetting to update their own schedule, that I would believe. I see the next episode is scheduled for Feb. 2.

When does your guide say it was last updated? Perhaps you don’t have data yet for next Tuesday?


Success! Thanks. Is updating the guide something the user has to do?

No - it should be done automatically overnight.

I’m guessing that perhaps you’re turning your Tablo or internet off during the early a.m. hours?

I only set the Tablo up for the first time about 5 hours ago.

Hrm… Perhaps you lost internet during the initial guide download.

Sounds like you’re in business now, but if you see any other fishy behavior don’t hesitate to touch base with support:

It is on mine. Gere is is Tuesdays at 10 PM, before Amanpour.