Can't Delete Recordings and Can't Record Anything New

Hi all. I have a Western Digital Elements 1TB drive with about 75% free. I am using both the Firestick as well as a Windows APP to view my Tablo recordings. I can watch any/all of my recordings, but I cannot delete them. The Tablo also won’t record anything. Everything’s been fine for over 2 years, but then this all started about 4-5 days ago.

Anyone else have a similar problem and know the resolution?

If you haven’t already, did you try a simple reboot (pull power for a few seconds)?

Yes, I’ve trying a reboot a few times, with the second time where I even disconnected the data cable, the network cables, and the coax cable before pulling the power cable.

I’m a little disappointed in both Tablo technical support as well as this community. Tablo basically wrote me a canned response without even taking a shot at what my issues were. Turned out, in order to fix this, I had to reset my Tablo to factory defaults. I used TabloRipper to get off the recordings I wanted to save, so that helped ease the pain. Once I reset, I just had to re-set up my scheduled recordings and I was back in business.

Disappointed in this community? Really? We are all customers like you, some more knowledgeable about tech than others, but we didn’t create the product or manage it. If you believe any community forum can solve all issues, you are sorely mistaken.


This! I had a negative encounter, more directly at me, yesterday with a newer Tablo user seeking help: Evidently I degraded them, implied they’re stupid, and I need to learn compassion.

I see people are frustrated here more often, likely because Tablo’s support presence is currently lacking. Fellow users here are trying to help. That’s a different topic in need of a whole new thread.