Can't delete Empty Folder

At the end of this season of Grey’s Anatomy, I went in to the folder and clicked “Delete All.” Now I have a Grey’s Anatomy folder that will not open but is still showing the Folder on the home screen. When I try to open it, I just get a spinning wheel (makes sense, it’s EMPTY!) However, the folder will not delete. It does NOT appear online in the tablo browser, nor does it appear on my phone tablo app, only on my Apple TV4.

Anything I can do to rid the cover art from the recordings tab?

Been there and seen this on 2.2.20 maybe the same issue. Folder not seen any WEB app. but seen on Restful API apps.

I was told that a database corruption in previous release was “fixed” by floating the empty/ghost tiles in the recording menu as long as there were scheduled recordings.

And once these were gone/recorded(and deleted) you would be able to delete these false tiles.

I was able to delete them by recording a show followed by a delete. But new false/ghosted tiles could appear in the recording menu for other shows if a recording was scheduled on one of these bad database records.

Since the season is over, I can maybe change it from NEW to ALL and wait for it to record another episode on another channel or a season repeat? Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

The fix was to make a linkage between a schedule and a recording. So why not delete the scheduled recording and see if that has any affect on the recording tile.

If not maybe tablo didn’t properly analyzed the problem. Sprinkled and tossed some magic fairy dust in the air and hoped all things would self heal

I deleted the scheduled recording but the orphan title still shows. Since there are no upcoming episodes, I can’t re-schedule that show to force it to record so I can open the folder to delete. If I click on the folder, it just spins looking for information to load (which doesn’t exist) The folder HAS removed itself from my phone app and my Firestick so this is an AppleTV issue. I guess I’ll have to wait until this fall and make a scheduled recording and see if that fixes it.

In my situation the orphan recording tiles showed up once a episode was scheduled. This seemed to tablo’s method of fixing tablo DB errors from 2.2.16 and 2.2.18. These tiles would only appear in a restful API client.

All this seemed to be by 2.2.20 design. I just recorded an episode and then deleted it. Then the orphan recording tile was removed.