Cant connect via web browser on desktop

Just hooked things up and cant connect via web browser from the desktop (Chrome/Win7)

Was able to connect via home wifi using chrome on a android phone. Finished setup and updates.

Problem for desktop is probably this:
Desktop connected to ISP router via ethernet.
Ethernet line then goes to secondary wifi router (“media”) in living room.
Tablo connected to second router via ethernet.
Probably would work if desktop was connected directly to media router. (thats the router I connected to with the android phone to do setup)
How do I get desktop to connect to tablo in this configuration?

EDITED TO ADD: seems to hang on “establishing websocket connection”

There’s a few threads here about putting your second router on passthrough.  Its probably having trouble resolving the internal IP.  That will probably fix it.

  1. It has nothing to do with where the computer is connected to the router.
    2) you need to setup on the ISP router 
       - 1. it is the primary DHCP server on yoru network
       - 2. it port forwards necessary ports to the ip dished out by the PRIMARY router (your ISP router)
    3) media router needs to be set to bridged mode and NOT have DHCP enabled
    4) ensure that when you do this the IPs of all network componenets are the same i.e. 192.168.1.x
    5) make sure you have green checks on the tablo connect setup screen now
    6) reconnect your laptop (when on local network) to the tablo via the web ui.
    7) then try connecting again from the outside

I changed the layout of my home network and solved this.

I set my isp router to something akin to bridged mode and moved the second router so I could connect the desktop directly to it.

Nice! Hopefully my laundry list of questions helped some ??? Either way glad u got all fixed up