Can't connect to

Wonder why I can’t connect on my Chromebook?  I haven’t used Tablo on my Chromebook in a while but it’s been"connecting" for the past several minutes.  I can’t even get into settings.

I’m not sure where I should look.


having the exact same issue, using chrome on a windows machine.  Unable to connect, it just keeps retrying.

Right, I’m on a Toshiba Chromebook 2 using the beta channel Chrome OS.  I thought it might be that as sometimes the beta channel has some bugs.

It wasn’t working 5 minutes ago but it is back to normal now without having me done anything, weird !!

Hmmm, not me.  I’m not on my home network at the moment but that shouldn’t matter right?


Unless you have Tablo Connect set up will not let you connect to your Tablo remotely.

My tablo remote is setup, however i am unable to connect remotely (teamviewer at my office) or from my home network.  I just retried and just as the other user said, i didn’t do anything.  Are things always this buggy??  I am just past a month, and for the first 2.5 weeks it was a champ, and since…  Constant reboots, etc.  

I swear if i see the weak signal thing again i may vomit.


I’ve had Tablo since May 2015 - no issues until Tablo.

When you say reboot, your Tablo is rebooting or your Roku?


Now that I'm on my home network Tablo, on my PC, synced up and Tablo, on my Chromebook, connected and synced up too.  I've always been set up with Tablo Connect so I don't understand why I couldn't get it while I was on the road but when I looked at Tablo Connect settings on my PC it said something about having to set my router up manually yet I was connected.  I unchecked and re-checked the box and the warning went away.  Could it all have something to do with the new Tablo Roku app I'm now using?  I believe that's the only thing that's changed.

Hi guys -

I’ve confirmed we unfortunately did have an outage on our servers over the weekend that lasted a few hours which may be why you were seeing errors on the web app. We’re taking steps to prevent this particular chain of events from occurring again and I’ve also asked the server managers to loop us in on any future outages so we can let you know what’s going on. 

Thanks for the update.

@TabloTV Another thing to take into account is when someone says they are not on their home network, they could be at a business that blocks the ports that the Tablo uses.  Also remember that you had to have connected at least once from your home network prior to connecting remotely. I was unable to connect from Taco Cabina wifi but when I went to Starbucks, which uses Google Fiber Wifi 5 GHz, it DID work.