Can't connect to 5ghz

So my Tablo’s wifi adapter bit the dust. Tablo sent me a replacement which looks like a refurbished unit. My original unit had no problem connecting to the 5ghz network (until it broke). The replacement unit won’t connect to the 5ghz network, only the 2.4. It shows up in the list when I go to add the network, just won’t connect after the setup. Another bad wifi adapter? My Roku TV in the exact same place has no problem connecting. Jeez, why don’t they just send me a new one instead of someone else’s bad one?

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Have you tried rebooting (aka power cycling) your router?

What router are you using? On my netgear it gives me the option to combine the 2.4 and 5ghz bands
into one setting and it will pick which is best for each device. Thus sometimes a device is on 2.4 and sometimes on the 5ghz band depending on interference and how many devices are on each band.