Can't connect - have to power cycle daily

I’ve had the Tablo Dual for a month or so now and love it…except for one thing. About once every day or two, I get the “can’t connect” error. I power cycle the box, and it works great for another day or so.

Ideas? This can’t be normal and is driving me a bit crazy.

Running wirelessly. Google mesh.

No it’s not normal. Those who may help will want to know what devices and apps you’re using to connect to your tablo, and maybe their network connectivity as well.

Short of power cycling, have you tried tapping the little blue button on the back? --not that this is the answer either, but rebooting (shutting down and restarting) is a bit prettier than powering it off. (similar with a PC)

Hi – I’m typically using Roku Streaming Stick Plus, but I have behavior when trying to connect via Chrome browser.
My network is fiber into my house, and then through the Google Wifi mesh network (NLS-1304-25).

Anything else that I should check?