Cannot watch while recording


When I arrive home from work, my favorite TV show (that I record) has already started sometimes. When I go to the web app and select the TV show, I can watch it from the beginning, while tablo records the rest of the show. However, when I start the show on the tablo app for android tablets, the recording automatically moves to where the TV show is right now (=live), I cannot start it from the beginning while it continues recording. Is there any way to start the recording from the beginning on the android app, while it is still recording?

Also, loading the list of recordings sometimes takes up to 3 minutes on the android app, while it is almost instant in my browser. I only recorded 3 show so far, so it’s not about the quantity of the recordings.


You should be able to watch a currently recording show from the start. Where are you trying to play the show? Is it from the Live TV tab or the Recordings tab?

That’s a known bug with the Android app, unfortunately.  There is no way to start at the beginning until the show has completely finished recording.

Glad I am not the only one running into this Android app issue

@ntracks @snowcast @lowbee What version of Android are you folks using? We’ve got our own player implemented in Android 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 and haven’t been able to reproduce this here.

@TabloSupport I am using 4.2.2, and use the recordings tab.

Actually, my 4.4.2 tablet works correctly.  It treats a recorded show just like any other recorded show, even if it is still recording.

However, my 4.4.4 phone using Chrome will only go to live TV if it is still being recorded, and it can’t go back or forward.

@TabloSupport, any update on this issue?

@ntracks We don’t have any updates just yet - we’re working on lots of changes and improvements, some of which you’ll see soon. 

In the meantime, I’d suggest (though I know it’s not the best solution) trying the Tablo web app at on your Android tablet/smartphone. If you don’t have the issue there, it may be worth adding it as a shortcut to your home screen until we’ve got a chance to address this.