Cannot Schedule Recording beyond 1 Day on Apple TV

Hi everyone. I just purchased and setup my new Tablo OTA DVR today and am really enjoying it so far. However, I’ve discovered that while I can schedule recordings with my iPad and iMac beyond one day, I cannot do this on the new Apple TV app because it only shows one day of its Guide. The other options to view all available programming over the next two weeks are not available in the Apple TV app.

I also discovered that while I can search and find programs to schedule, when I select them, the detail only identifies the day and time of the recording, not the station its recording from. This isn’t a major issue, but is a weakness, since I like to know what station I’ve recorded the show from.

Any other usability issues the community can identify would be most welcome, so I don’t think my new toy is broken or less useful than I think it really is as I stumble upon them.

@pdmarsh - This is exactly as intended and described in our blog post about the Apple TV launch:

We’ll be adding additional screens including scheduling for items further out in the guide in upcoming updates.

Thanks for the quick reply. I actually found that bit of information after I posted. I look forward to updates for the Apple TV in the future.

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