Cannot Connect to Tablo via Wifi

I just got my Tablo on Friday.  I tried setting it up via the App on my Android phone and via a laptop, but neither would work because I could not get the Tablo onto my WiFi network. I’ve connected to the “Tablo wireless network” and found my home network and enter my network password, but I never get beyond that.  I hooked it up wired and was able to run the full setup, but the location in my house that I can connet to the network wired does not have access to my outdoor antenna so I just used an indoor antenna so it would see a few channels and let me complete it.  Now I’m not even seeing the Tablo Wifi and definitely can’t connect to the Tablo over Wifi.  Is there some step I’m missing?  I feel like I’ve followed all the steps and have run through the process a few times, but I can’t connect wirelessly which I need to be able to do.  Any help would be great!  Thanks!

One thing to check, if you wireless is setup to use the old WEP security that is going to be an issue. You need to update your security to WPA2 at least. I found WEP will not work.

Bingo! Thanks! A friend came over to help me figure that out. You replied before I got a chance to update this. Thank you very much though. I changed it to WPA-PSK and that worked.

@SRKirkpatrick - Glad you got it sorted out!