Cannot Connect To Tablo - Resolved


i’m confused here. is it possible to connect to the tablo via browser on the local network by using the tablo’s ip address (, etc)?

Yes and no.  The web ui requires going through Tablo’s site mechanism.  But you can get at the data and even play media off of your Tablo going directly to the IP, it’s just not “friendly”… but at the same time, it’s not terribly hard.  Scheduling, etc… I’m afraid is harder that way… so you’ll have to use Tablo’s web ui (for now).

Generally speaking, the answer is “no”.

Apps like the Plex app, SurLaTablo and tablo2go… they can pull and use data off the Tablo and you can look through the source of each and see how all that is done.


@cjox Is on correct - it’s certainly possible, but not in the most friendly way. It’s certainly not part of the intended use case, as it stands now.

i must be missing something. on a web browser i only get “Nuvyyo Tablo Server” on the page, and nothing else.

Correct from the web browser go to

The many ways to access your Tablo: