Cannot connect to Tablo by internet. Tablo loses sync. Ports 80 and 8887 are not blocked

Cannot connect to Tablo by internet. Tablo loses sync. Ports 80 and 8887 are not blocked. I called Tablo today and they swore that the only problem is that Xfinity is blocking port 80 and or port 8887 and that unblocking is the only fix necessary.

Upon calling Xfinity, they say those are not blocked and emailed me a list of ports that ARE blocked for security. 80 and 8887 are not among them.

This has been an ongoing problem and seems to occur every time I am wanting to use Table while I am traveling.

How do I fix this issue, since Tablo won’t help and apparently just blows me off? Or, do I JUST GIVE UP?

Those ports are used internally (on your own network) by the Tablo DVR. They are not used outside of your own network.

What are the public ports configured on your router? Those are the ports that don’t have to be blocked by your ISP.

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I think that these were set up before. And the Tablo tech I talked with specifically said that he reviewed the settings and they were all correct. The only fix, he said, was for xfinity to unblock those ports.

Can you upload a screenshot of the port forwarding settings from your router.

One more thing to check is make sure your cable modem…Not your personal router… is set for IP Passthrough. On ATT until I changed that setting Tablo Connect would never work. As soon as I changed that it connects all the time and has never not worked. This setting will basically turn your cable modem into a dumb modem and everything will run through your personal router. Port forwarding will then work!

Um, are you talking about accessing Tablo from inside your home, or using remote access? For remote access, you must do port mapping from the Tablo ports open on your internet facing router, 21060 and 21061, to the proper Tablo input ports. You must also preset the Tablo to enable remote access, typically from a device previously used inside your network.