Cannot connect tablo, worked fine yesterday

I cannot get my Tablo to work today, on Chrome, tablet or Fire. Sometimes it says it is not there, sometimes it comes on but the guide is missing. I can play channels, very choppily, from the browser in Live TV, even though it lists no programs.

Roku can’t find my Tablo at all. I have reconnected the Tablo wi-fi and checked that my router is working and all that.

What is different today???

@annwinder - Not sure exactly what’s happening in your case but try resetting your router, your Tablo (quick press & release of the blue button on the back… don’t hold it down), and then the device you’re using to access the Tablo.

This usually reminds everything how to communicate properly again.

If you run into any issues, just pop our support team a note and they’ll give you a hand:

I am having almost the exact same issue. Table worked fine, then all of a sudden it starts with these same symptoms: won’t connect (stuck on “Connecting”)and sometimes if it does, guide date is missing. If I can connect, I can play recorded shows but on live TV there is no guide data. I have done a soft reset of the Tablo, my router and my devices. Same issue with the browser, the iPhone and a Roku. On the browser, it tries to sync then says “Sync was unsuccessful”

Who knows what or how, but Tablo folks say that within 5 business days I will get my guide back. They told me
“It can take 5 business days for this to show up in your guide, but I will keep you posted on the progress. In the meantime you are able to watch Live TV on that channel by tapping the call sign on the left of the missing guide data. You can also schedule manual recordings for these channels using the ‘+’ button on the top right of the Scheduled tab.”

Which turns out to work. Still no guide, but it hasn’t been 5 business days.

Just the guide missing data for some channels is very different than the problem you described in your first post. You said Live TV does not play smoothly on the computer, and the Roku can not even find your Tablo. Have those issues been resolved?

The team may have misunderstood your issue…

If your Live TV grid guide is blank for some channels we can work with our guide data provider to get that data added.

However if you’re having connection problems, that’s a whole different issue.

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