Cannot change to new WiFI network

My wife got a new router from our internet provider today. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my Tablo to broadcast an SSID for me to connect to so that I change change wifi settings…

The instructions I’ve found say to disconnect from the tablo, and then edit wifi settings. I do not have the option to disconnect (or edit wifi) because my Tablo is no longer connected to a wifi network.


Have you tried these instructions?

I got it…

I was unable to follow the instructions in that post (had found them before). When I opened the Tablo app on my Roku, it just told me that no Tablo was found, and I was unable to do anything further.

However, after taking a frustration break and having some dinner, my Tablo had started broadcasting an SSID again, and I was able to connect via my computer and change the WiFi settings.


That explains your problem, you can only edit your wifi settings from a tablet, phone or pc and not from your roku.

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