Cannot associate manual programs with library

Once a program is recorded manually – assuming your subscription was cancelled – can you ever get the icons back and have that program associated with the programs with the same name in the picture menus?
I let my subscription automatically cancel and now I regret it. I want to amalgamate these manual programs back into their respective icon-driven menus.

I guess I will ask again. Is it possible to take manual recordings that lack icons and put them back into the mix with the same recording icons that group all the programs of that same genre together. I let my subscription expire and now that it’s renewed, I am stuck with these rogue recordings that won’t group back together. Please someone respond with an appropriate answer.

I doubt it - manual recordings were done manually and not associated with a show ID or episode ID so they will be separate. If the episode airs again in the future, there is no way for the Tablo to know you have it already recorded so it will record the episode as new.

@steve1970 - Unfortunately that’s not possible. These are two different categories of recordings so the Tablo can’t tell that they’re related.