Cannot add quad to network

First off…my home wifi is working fine. All devices functioning normally.
My tablo quad disappeard from my network and I have been trying to add it back to my network, but when I attempt to connect with the tablo_022b wifi, it comes back with message after connecting that the internet may not be available
Again I state that internet and wifi are funtioning normally.
Of course without a internet comnection. The quad does not get added to the network.


When you saw the ‘No internet available’ message, was it by chance next to the actual Tablo_022B network? If so, this is normal - this is just your device warning you that the Tablo’s Wi-Fi network won’t give you internet access.

You should still be able to connect to the Tablo_XXXX network, then return to the app to finish the Add via Wi-Fi steps.

Just tried again, entered wifi password and still cannot be found on network.