Cannot Access Tablo via Roku

Tablo seems to be working fine from my PC’s (Chrome browser), iPhone app, and Chromecast, but as of Monday it does not let me access the Tablo via my Roku 3 or Roku Stick. It gives me the message “Your Tablo needs to be set up before using this channel. Please set up your Tablo by visiting

But, of course, when I go there it works from the PC and doesn’t need set up. It has worked fine with both Roku units since I set this up a few weeks ago and worked up until Sunday, this is a new problem as of Monday.

In addition, starting yesterday (Wednesday) the guide data and recordings are not visible from a browser window.

I’ve already gone through multiple resets and power cycles with my router, Rokus, and Tablo.

I have a support ticket in with Tablo and have been going back and forth since Monday but I’m hoping someone has already been through this and found a solution!

Just for clarification:

You’re seeing this on 2 different Rokus?
Have you uninstalled/reinstalled the Tablo app?
What Tablo firmware?
What Roku OS version? The reason I ask is OS 7 has been rolling out.

Yes, identical error on 2 different Rokus.
Yes, did uninstall and reinstall the Tablo app. Also, tried a factory reset with the Roku stick, no luck.

I will confirm my Tablo firmware and Roku OS when I get home in a couple of hours…

Thank you!

Just checked, Tablo is at 2.2.6 and Roku is still at 6.2. Roku isn’t finding an available update so I’m not getting 7 yet, apparently…

Are you using the regular Tablo app or the Tablo preview? If you’re using one, have you tried the other.

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Good point - I’m using the regular Tablo app, I’ll see if I can figure out how to install the preview app…

Just added the Tablo preview channel / app and that seems to work at least for watching live TV. Thanks for the tip! Still can’t access my recordings from the preview app but this is better than nothing. Hopefully whatever connection issue is going on with the old app gets resolved…