Cannot access recorded shows on Ruko BUT CAN on Amazon Fire TV

Ok I’m very confused as things were working until a week or so. I am evaluating my Fire TV versus Roku both on the same TV, Ethernet connection. What I cannot figure out is why my Roku (yes it finds my Tablo) indicates there are NO RECORDED SHOWS yet the Amazon shows all my recorded shows. Live TV and the guide work on both Fire and Roku

To make matters more confusing the web access will not bring any information up. I have a 2nd identical setup in another room and get the same outcome. I checked the IP addresses of the Fire TV, Roku and the Tablo and they all on the same address format. For example my router LAN address is I have it set to hand out DHCP address starting at 0.5. to 0.254 Tablo as it turns out is

I have rebooted, reset to no fix. What is goign on, seems like a Roku issue?