Cancelled Sceduled Recording But Still No Tuners

I have a 2 tuner Tablo on 2.2.6. Tonight at about 8:55pm I sat down to watch the baseball game but noticed that there were two recordings scheduled to start at 9pm. So I used the fire tv interface to cancel one of the recordings. It said it was cancelled and the orange triangle on the tv grid disappeared. I then started watching the game. At 9 pm I got a playback error and the live tv stopped. I went back to the grid and noticed that the two channels, one of which I cancelled, we’re now tuned (flashing red channel number). Attempting to play the game results in a “no tuners available”. So I’m now stuck because I can’t cancel the recording I don’t want because it was already “cancelled” yet I can’t watch the game because a tuner is still assigned somehow.

I also just cancelled the second recording and yet still no tuners…

Has anyone else experienced this bug?

Weird bug.

Can you connect via another interface? Say computer or iPad (those are the two most reliable interfaces) to stop the recording?

All interfaces I’ve tried (android phone, ipad, and web) all behave the same way. They show the recordings as no longer scheduled, but I cannot change to another channel due to no tuners.

Also, as I expected would happen. It is now 10:01pm and I can tune to the baseball game.

@netkick - There is a very small window of time where this could potentially occur where the record action has already been set down in the process however you should have still been able to quit it by going into the recording itself.

If you’d like, we can take a peek at your logs to see exactly what happened in this case. That would require you touching base with the support team.

Hi. I have hit the same bug. I scheduled a movie to record once Saturday night, which it did. Tonight I got the error that there is no tuner available as the channel the movie is playing on again is tuned in, with no recording scheduled. I have nothing to cancel, I just can’t get the tuner off the channel, I don’t want to reboot as another show is being recorded. I’m running 2.2.6. Same issue on Roku, PC and iPad. Pleas let me know if you need to access my Tablo for the logs.