Cancel guide trial before expiration?

I purchased a Tablo Dual HDMI for use at my elderly in-laws house, where they will not be subscribing to the guide data. I need to write up and print out instructions on how to record shows for them, but if I understand correctly the guide interface will change once the trial period is over.

I was hoping to cancel the 30 day guide trial immediately, thus allowing me to deliver the unit without having to retrain them on how to use it. However, I’m not finding a way to do that.

Is this possible?

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They will still receive 24 hours of guide data even after the trial ends. They will only be able to manually record but the actual menu should not change in any noticeable manner. Just don’t show them how to do automatic recordings and you should be fine. I say let them enjoy their extra guide data.

EDIT: Oops… this is the link you want.

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Thanks, I’ll make their instructions based on the menus as they are, then.

I say let them enjoy their extra guide data.

Sadly that’s not how older, tech-challenged folk work. Changing the behavior of the magic computer TV box thingy just generates frustration and support calls.

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I have services on my NAS at home just to deal with my parents tech support issues. I keep pdf versions of all their electronic stuff so I can refer to them when something inevitably happens. I have similar files for one of my sisters and my sister in law. I have my brothers Gmail password memorized.

I totally understand.

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We can make that happen for you to reduce any potential angst.

Just put in a call or ticket to support with the serial number of the Tablo and we’ll take care of it for you.


Tablo helping young people help old people since 2013.


Tablo helping young people help old people since 2013

Right? I’m just happy he’ll stop scouring Goodwill for working VCRs and surplus VHS tapes.

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I converted something from reel to reel for my dad. :rofl:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: