Canadian Subchannels

I was taking with a friend in Canada about OTA and he told me that Canadians do not receive subchannels. Are there any Canadian Tablo users who would like to see Canadian subchannels? What type of content would be broadcast on them? Has this been discussed in Canada?

We get sub-channels. Global in my area has a SD version on 6-2 to complement their HD channel on 6-1.

I just read that sub channels have to approved by the CRTC.

Since most stations in Canada do not subdivide their bandwidth for sub channels and use the entire stream for HD I wonder if the picture quality isn’t better given that they can use a higher bit rate for the image.

Generally there is an HD/SD version but no fun stuff like you guys get in the US. It would be great to see some of the broadcasters break out some of the classic stuff.

I can totally see a CBC subchannel with airings of old Mr. Dressups, the Beachcombers and The Littlest Hobo :slight_smile:

Why not on all-day Shania Twain subchannel (I have some of her videos and she is lovely…to hear sing).

@CraigRoyce - Not sure there’d be so many Canadians excited about that one…

I’d like to see CBC add Newsworld as sub channel.