Can you have 2 drives connected at once?

I’m just setting up my Tablo and was wondering if I can use 2 5tb Seagate drives on it. When I followed the setup it only sees one of the two. Is using 2 drives supported? If not is there plan to support?

No… and afaik there’s no plans for this in the current hardware (some limitations).

I thought it was on the never ending list. @TabloTv is connecting two drives on the roadmap?

See this old thread

It’s not something we’ve been focusing on since we now have the ability to support super large drives.

How much do you guys record/keep? Two 5TB drives?!? :confused:

Parkinson’s Law of Data…
Data expands to fill the space available for storage.

I had a buddy who felt he needed a new hard drive in his laptop - ends up he had about 250GB of duplicate files. Whoops.

okay thanks everyone, reason I have to 5tb drive is I got them on sale for $99.99 each and had $75 gift card. so will use the 2nd on my router as a backup storage for everything else.