Can two Tablo work with each other? (Answered)

I am wondering if 2 Tablo’s can talk back and forth? Can you use 2 boxes and have them share scheduling data ? Do you require 1 or 2 subscriptions? If they share Scheduling data does the system do any kind of load balancing to prevent 1 device from being full well the other device is mostly empty?

Update: After seeing some of the replies it is clear that each box is independent and they don’t work together at all. Witch is kinda a shame. I used mythtv in the past and have always had 6 tuners to deal with. Granted they also recorded cable network channels on top of the 5 major networks out there (Yes I count CW as a major network.) however during fall premiers there were generally a few times during the week were all 6 turner were in use and stuff was missed. Cutting out the cable channels just leave the 5 Major networks however the largest box they sell is 4 tuners. So there will likely be some time during the week were something will be missed as all 4 tuners will be in use. It would be great if they allowed systems to combine and share data but there current releases doesn’t support it.

PS. I am having someone come out and give me an est for an outdoor antenna to try and get over the air channels in my area. However from the Maps it looks like 1 (CW) is in the north closest, 3 networks are in the west (2nd Closest) and 4 are to the south (Furthest). So I could end up having to have 2 different units for 2 different antenna’s although I am hoping all the channels can be grabbed from a one antenna but waiting for the local experts to come out and tell me.

I have two Tablos, and they are two completely independent devices. If you are a new subscriber, you would have to have two subscriptions (or subscribe to one and just use manual recordings on the other).

Each Tablo client has the ability to switch between as many Tablos as you own, though it is a disconnect - connect set of actions. Unless you have a good reason to have multiple Tablos, it is better to have just one (it was better in the old days when a single subscription covered all the Tablos a user owned)

I own two Tablo 4-tuner DVRs. One I utilize for TV streaming, the other for recordings. Probably overkill two have two of them, but I hate it when it switched while I was watching a program to record. 99% of the time, there would have never been an issue.

With the hard drive sizes of today, hook up a 4TB drive and you will never run out of space. BTW - if you buy a 2nd one for streaming TV only, you won’t need the extended guide data.

I’m not sure it’ “fair” to compare your tablo device and subsequent apss to MythTV - a fee and open (software) project incorporating DVR service into a home media center… beyond TV tuners.

I agree it is kind of shameful and PITA my tablo’s or more specifically any UI doesn’t communicate both simultaneously. There are instances where this works, “his & hers”, or Mom & Dad and Kids" to keep things separate and avoiding "what happened to my show!?

But if you started with a two tuners [Dual tuner lite] and added a second - that’s what you get. Closest I can do, using Firefox containers, to isolate tabs, I can at least view both at the same time. Of course there are 3rd parry app which do this effortlessly - #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex

This is beneficial if I need to move a scheduled recording to another device to avoid a conflict. I have some channels only on one and not the other for basic recordings, but the primary networks (or “important”) on both.

If you have to use two antennas to get all the channels, the Tablo is able to combine the signals.

If you have 2 separate antennas, yes you can use a combiner to feed one coaxial cable to the Tablo. But the Tablo itself doesn’t do the combining of signals.

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