Can the tablo write to a samba share?

I had intended to use an old wd 1tb external HD with my tablo but it did not want to see it so out of wanting storage I hooked my new 6tb drive I got for Christmas. The tablo formatted it and is happily using it. I had wanted everything else on my network to be able to use it. Can I use a samba share instead of a directly connected drive?

No. The Tablo only supports directly attached drives.

Thanks. ***Feature request.:slight_smile:

Already been requested. My prediction is that it’ll never happen. To high a potential support burden for the very small percentage of users that would actually use it.

I sadly just don’t think the tablo will ever use 6tb unless I go into a coma for a year…LOL

So get a smaller drive and put that one elsewhere.

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Let’s see, spend time (money) adding DVR features, which everyone can use, or supporting network drives. No brainer.

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