Can’t stream using T-mobile cellular data on iphone again

T-Mobile tablo and iPhones seem to be having a communications issue again. I can stream away from home as long as I’m on a Wi-Fi connection as soon as I try to use T-Mobile cellular data the video runs for 10 seconds and freezes. Same iPhone model with Verizon works fine. Seems similar to an issue back in 2017 18


It doesn’t sound like quite the same issue as there was a total failure to connect at that time.

Can you try reducing your remote streaming quality and giving it another shot?

I have tried all settings down to 500 kbps

I may have spoke too soon I retested today and it seems I can stream up to 1mgps today, I wonder what changed. At 720 live I can stream at 1.5 mbps at 1080 I can stream at 500 mbps

Maybe TMobile is throttling your connection?

Possible but I can stream Netflix, Philo and paramount + with no issues

Netflix will definitely adjust your stream to a lower bit rate if it detects slowdowns so it’s not a good comparison. Not sure about Philo or Paramount+.