Can’t get channel I got a few hours


IHave an issue with my new Tablo Quad
Was able to get channel 4-1at start up
Now a few hours later and channel just gets a scrolling wheel
I tried both an iPhone, iPad, and TV; all three not able to watch channel 4-1

Live in zip: 07081
HTML application : 1.9.2-rc.1 build 235 [202005210951]
Device: 2.2.30

The issue is most likely with the OTA antenna signal.

Tablos displayed 5 green dots doesn’t really tell you much.

First, that meter is static, meaning, its only showing you what it was at the time it was scanned. You would need to re-scan to see if its changed.

But even if you do re-scan, there is a wide spread of signal quality that can still present as full signal in that “meter”.

You can contact Tablo support, they can pull data on the REAL signal quality.

Google OTA TV signal quality problems and you will find a LOT of information that helps explain why it changes…

Time of day, time of year / season, weather, cloud coverage, outside temperature, local foliage, amount of sun radiation, planes flying overhead, a close neighbor gets a new microwave, someone is using an older garage door opener or an “illegal” radio nearby, cell antennas, one of your lines runs too close to a refrigerator compressor (that was one of mine).

All of these things and a lot more can effect OTA transmission. Even if your antenna is inside, whats going on outside between your house and the tower can make a LOT of difference from minute to minute…

It is VERY common to have stations that work over night and early morning when sun radiation and temperatures are low but stop mid day.

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Issues was resolved by resetting Tablo device and rescanning

It wasn’t the signal as I was receiving the channel on my tv when antenna directly connected to it versus Tablo

Glad to hear your reset fixed it, happy to be wrong…

Should it come back, one thing to note though. Comparing Tablo reception signal to a TV reception signal is not a direct comparison.

First, keep in mind your Tablo has a 4 way splitter as the signal comes in, each lowering the signal quality compared to what your TV gets. Also, I have found the Tablo tuner sensitivity fairly middle of the line, depending on the brand of your TV its very possible it can handle lower signal quality than the Tablo.

For example, my LG and Samsung TVs can get many more channels (with ease) than my Tablo can, but my TCLs are pretty much the same and my Vizio TVs have far inferior tuners…

Again, hopefully the reset continues to fix the issue, just giving you more information should you need it.

Or get a better antenna and/or preamp would also fix these issues