Can see tablo but cant connect

Hello All,

I have gotten my tablo to work on my older isp issued router, and today I finally put it on my asus Wireless N router (hardwired off course). Problem is now when i bring up the my tablotv webpage and I removed the old tablo, scanned for new one and it instantly picks it up, but i cannot connect to it. same thing with my tablet and phone. Very frustrating because i can see it on the router and ping it, and if i put the address into my browser it just says nuvvo tablo tv. I just cant connect to it. I dont want to reset it because then i would loose all my recordings and my scheduled recordings. :frowning: Please help! very frustrating when i can see the device. 

Are you connected wirelessly on the computer to the same Asus router?

Have you tried clearing your cache from your browser and/or phone app then trying to reconnect? I would also try uninstalling the tablo app on my phone and reinstall to see what happens if just clearing the cache doesn’t work.

@kyle Did you reboot the Tablo after you switched it over to the new router? And are your other devices (PC, phone, etc) on the same network? Or are they on the old one?