Can recorded contect push to multiple devices?

If I record a program can I view playback on multiple devices?
I am running off antenna split to multiple tv’s and looking to add a Tablo device. I like to go from room to room in the house and have the same program on all TVs. Currently I can have several TV’s on at the same time and on the same channel and would like to know if I can have similar operation with recorded content from Tablo, pushing the same recording to all TVs.

Tablo supports up to six simultaneous streams for recordings- so the same recording could be played back on multiple screens on the same home network. LiveTV feeds are limited by the number of open tuners available.

I think it depends somewhat on the app being used for playback, but if you stop the playback of a recording on one device, it can be re-started in the same place on another device. At least that works for me when changing between my LG webOS app and the FireTV Preview app…

As was answered, you can play back on multiple devices. But they won’t be in sync, unless you manage to start the playback at the exact same time and don’t pause it anywhere. That’s for recorded content. Live TV playback will generally be in sync, to the limit of the client devices.

thanks, I will pick up a unit and set up, giving it a try.

As someone that also likes to have multiple screens synced I can say it isn’t that bad getting them in synced at the beginning of a program but commercial skip doesn’t react the same on every device. That knocks them back out of sync as does the aforementioned problem of people pausing and mucking around with the remote.

Since you already have wiring set up you could have a device connected to the Tablo that converts to an RF analog signal. It would be a reduction in quality due to DAC but it solves the problem of synchronization. Alternately if you don’t mind the extra work of additional wiring I have an HDMI splitter running to multiple screens.

Tablo will not give you the same experience as TVs tuned to the same broadcast channel. Answered point out how you can watch on multiple devices. Tablo doesn’t “push” the recording. It’s a server, each device watching are independent of each other.

So you can start them at the same time, but they are not all receiving the same “signal” from the tablo. They are all receiving the same show (video stream) sent to them as requesting by each individual player, possibly each with their own buffering, cache and configurations.

If you want to walk throughout your house with the same program playing @jimtablotv
provides real life experience and options to consider. This topic comes up from time to time, so there are others out there.